This is what it really comes down to.  Professional Remodeling, combining complex knowledge bases of labor and materials accross multiple trade disciplines, applying that baseline to significantly differing existing homes and client desires, is a learned and skilled endeavor.  Utilyzing that knowledge and experience, applying it to a specific project and its investment dollars, is Engineering Value.


Can anyone do this? Sure. How much time do you have? 


Today knowledge is not a handicap for homeowners investigating home improvements.  Informed homeowners actually make our process easier in many ways.  But knowledge is not implementation, nor is it applicable to every existing home.  Ask 100 homeowners who have worked on their home in the DIY approach, or hired individual subs to handle disparate trades, ask if they would do it again.


What you will find:

- A powerful ally to the future preservation of your home and its value.

- The truth about your home and its current conditions. That is the starting point of protecting your asset.

- A personally guided process that encompasses every detail from start to finish. Plan-Design-Costing-Build-Clean-Enjoy

- More planning and preperation to establish the clearest expectations along side a fixed cost valuation, before construction is begun.

- Design and Construction under one roof, increasing efficiency, reducing potential change-orders, streamlining the in-home portion or work as smoothly as possible.


Choice, Trust, and Comittment is what our business is aimed at generating.  No, we are not discount retailers and installers.  We are


Value Engineering

The greatest asset an experienced remodeling professional has to offer. 

Combine the following

A strong design aesthetic that is flexible enough to guide any project style

Actual experience and knowledge of the building sciences and its trades

Visualization ability to combine the trade-skill, craftsmanship, material costs, and the design outcome


We simply call it ; Foresight.


With that foundation, we utilize the Design-Build business model in all our projects, but more properly named ; Design-Remodel.  Working with existing housing is our greatest strength as it presents some of the greatest challenges for creative solutions for improvement. 




A notion now fractured in the home improvement industry.  It's a direct result of the "ala carte" or compartmentalised nature of in home services, materials, and equipment installations.  Successful coordination of custom design and building science with specific investment goals, especially when applied to pre-existing dwellings, is no fractured or "ala carte" achievement. Creative, value engineered solutions, are what motivates us on each and every project.  Happily being accountable for every aspect from start to finish.


How we excell:

- Whole home view of your project.  The current condition matters.  Despite the scope of work being looked at, we evaluate related conditions or systems to make sure your investment is soundly implemented.  We do not ecourage "Castles in the Sand".

- Multiple options and design approaches with real cost data, achieving a focus and feasibility that helps solidfy priorities and the scope of work.

- Technology and tools to organize our process as well as flesh out expectations.  Elevations and 3-D imaging are fundemental today in easing client expectations.

- Shared documentation and project management.  More live-time access to planning and progress.  Extensive spreadsheet tracking for each decision along the way, and a valuable resource of documentation long after we're through.  From appliance specs to paint colors.

- Once designs and costs are approved, we provide a Fixed Cost Construction contract.  A Very detailed scope of work and schedule of release payments streamlines the construction phase, while greatly reducing and eliminating hidden conditions, change-orders, schedule ineficiencies.




Though not a single Trade Installer, our expertise is in complex projects that require significant design and planning accross multiple disciplines.  Our strength is in providing a professional and creative focal point, guiding project and client expectations efficiently through finish.


Tap the Process below for a breakdown on how we organize.

The type of projects we excel at:
- Whole home remodels, significant changes to systems and floor-plan.
- Home additions. Expansion or 2-story.  Scale and site planning.
- Full kitchen remodels. Custom design. 3-D renderings. Full elevations.
- Full bath remodels. Spacial re-configuration. Tile design.
- Major shell improvements; roofing, gutters, siding, doors, and windows. 
- Major mechanical improvements.  High performing HVAC; Tankless water heating and re-pipes; Electrical rewire and service upgrade; Air sealing and insulation.
- Full interior renovations, painting and plaster, faux finishes, hardwood floors, moulding, custom built-ins, and fireplace surrounds.
- Outdoor living. Patios; decks; pergolas; outdoor kitchens; fire places. Accessory structures for offices or art studios.  Garage Conversion.
- Custom fencing, garage doors, gates.



How It works.  Two clear phases.
The Pre-Construction design and planning phase.
- Before signing we encourage you to look at our work and speak to former clients
- Before signing we discuss your wishes and talk honestly about feasibility and cost potential
- Once contracted, we evaluate your home's current condition, especially areas where significant work is being requested.
- Detail measurements are taken, zoning information collected, and structural investigations performed.
- We apply the Whole-Home perspective for you at this point.  If existing systems or structure are past their life, they are weighed along side desired improvements. Simplified design directions are explored with varied cost projections.
- Discussion and decision time.  Priorities put into perspective. We clarify expectations and the results for the level of investment desired.
- A Plan and relating investment budget is approved.  We focus and develop detail designs on this compass heading.  once designs and finishes become finalized, associated project costs are tracked and finalized as well.  Your Next phase is ready with no mystery of the project cost to complete.


The Construction phase

- The relating contract will be a fixed cost based on the diligent work leading up to this point.
- Fewer surprises, fewer change orders, and fewer headaches for you during what can be a stressful intrusion on your home. 
- You’ll have internet access to our project documents and spreadsheets.  Communication is key, where weekly goals are tracked and all of our product specs and decisions are kept.
When we complete our project, you’ll have a great record for your future reference.
- You’ll notice that your role at this point is mainly one of patience. All of the hard work and primary decision making on your part was done during the pre-construction phase.  We simply execute your expectations with high quality and professionalism.
- Finish and clean.  Enjoy the results. 

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